So...I am kinda unsure about what song to play. I am audition for Columbia College in Chicago, and I was set on As The Palaces Burn by LoG, but I can't seem to get it down, especially when my fingers get cold. I want to play it safe by maybe choosing another. Here is the requirement-

Rock Fusion - prepare two pieces in varying styles; demonstrate familiarity with chromatic bar chord concept; demonstrate twelve-bar blues progression and improvisation; demonstrate funk/shuffle comping patterns.

As you can see I am going in for rock, but just wondering if you had any good ideas. I really appreciate any help at all!

P.S-Only need one song because the person I talked to said you might only get to play one because of time constraints. Thanks again!

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Little wing by SRV... does that fit in there?

Or Too hip Gotta go, by the stray cats.
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The Time of Your Lifes?

Yup the real cheezy song :P
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