alright so i'm working on practicing for this song but, the bpm is at 110 and the metronome i'm using doesn't have it the closest to 110 is 108 and 112 would it be easier just to get a new metronome? or play it 2 beats slower or faster?
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It would be just as simple to play it at 108. When you nail it all the time at 108 you can then advance yourself to match 110/112. Frankly no one really notices that small of a difference. Unless you have some music geek going hey they're off two beats from the original/score or what ever.(just to let everyone know), I am a music geek that is why I used it.
Yeh, noone will really notice. If you start to play with a bassist or drummer, they will help you keep it at the right speed as well

Or you can check out some of the free online metronomes