Poll: Would you play for an artist you don't like for pay?
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View poll results: Would you play for an artist you don't like for pay?
16 31%
3 6%
depends on pay
19 37%
depends on style of music
9 17%
depands on specific artist
5 10%
Voters: 52.
inspired by a discussion me and my sister had...

would you play guitar/bass/drums/whatever for an artist you really don't like, if they paid you? like say you are a studio musician, and the jonas brothers/hannah montana/any other artist/band you don't like, wanted to hire you,would you do it?

poll coming up

EDIT: sorry, didnt see I made this thread twice, deleted the other one

EDIT2: ok, since yall aparrently want more than a thread w/o links, here's a link for a hot girl singer for ya. hope you're happy!!


not to rival metaldud's thread, but to match it
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didn't you JUST make a thread on this?
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Yeah, it'd pay great. I'm such a sellout.


jonas brothers/hannah montana/any other artist/band you don't like

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I made this thread this month.....

he made this thread 5minutes ago and now a new one
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I guess it depends on the pay but in the end i'd be doing something that I love and thats playing music. So yes I would.
Hannah Montana --> No because she's stupid
Miley Cyrus ----------> Yes because she's hot
Jonas Brothers -----> No because they suck
Dragonforce ---------> Yes because they rock (but i would suck compared to them)

and yes i know Hannah and Miley are the same person. But Hannah is just her dumb blonde alter ego (no offense to blonde girls)
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lolworthy- classicrockboy WIN of thread.
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I definitely would. I've played some pretty bad music for free in my school's band, and doing it would prly lead to connections in the music industry.
For me, it would depend on the style of music, and the pay...I'm not a sellout, but I would play for a band as long as their style is something I can enjoy. Also, if the pay was really good, I'm sure I'd be willing to play for bands with styles far different than mine . There are limits however lol (no way I'd play for hannah montana )
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Yeah, it'd pay great. I'm such a sellout.


okay, I was assuming those were artists the pit doesn't generally like, sorry if I offended any jo bros fans out there
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I'd totally play for the Jonas Brothers if they were paying me. Hell, I'd give 'em head if they paid me.

On another note, Yes I would, because no matter what genre you are playing or with who you will learn something from it.
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Yes, definitely. It's too hard to make a living as a musician, there's no room for your musical preferences to get in the way of money.
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of course. if your a session musician, that's your job. it doesnt matter how much the music sucks, if i'm making a living off playing my guitar, i'd be happy

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I don't really dislike any artists, so I wouldn't mind. It would be cool to collaborate with artists of different genres anyway.
Personally, if the Jonas Brothers came to hire me, I would absolutely tour with them. Granted, I hate the music, I'd probably tour for a year or so, get loads of money, buy a ferrari, date a supermodel, and then quit and make my own real band.

So yes, I would, but at the same time I'd never willingly stay long enough to solidify myself as a JoBro, just long enough to reap the benefits of it.