I was wondering .. why, when, for how long,where, etc. did you start playing guitar ?

I started when I was 12 because some Belgian punkrock band (my age back then) went to the eurovision songcontest for kids. I asked my parents if I could follow lesson and they said yes. i went to a music academy learning how to play the Spanish guitar for 3 years and then I quitted because I wanted to learn metal, rock etc. Biggets mistake ever. I hope to pick up guitarlessons up again someday. and now I'm stuck playing the same stuff over and over again.

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so, how 'bout you ?


I started as a young bastard child on Tatooine. Then I was apprenticed by Jimmy Page and traveled to Vietnam where I killed those who opposed me. I ended my life while doing a multi-year run from east to west coast of the US.
I started about 3-4 years ago. Mainly because my friends played guitar.
I didn't play mine for a whole year because I didn't know how to play or tune it.

After that year, I got my first electric and played and played...
Found an old toy guitar in the attic and thought why not try a real one. By toy I mean the cheapest 3/4 classical with 3 steel strings on it warping the neck like a banana. Unplayable.
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Mehh, I picked it up about 3 years ago because my brother played and he just got a new one, making his tatty old Squier redundant.

I guess I've never really stopped playing since.
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I didn't actually..
i did because of metallica, and i thought it was so cool how kirk could play so good, and i love the sound. i also did it because my friend acted like he was all good so i wanted to show him up, lol, i started this summer and im already better than him
11 years old bought one because I thought it would be cool to play with when I got bored.

Tried to sell it for a year and didn't touch it..

After a year I finally started and then never took a single lesson.. I'd just learn songs I'd like..
You're drunk again, arent you!

Ehh got guitar lessons for my 9th bday. Gave up for a year after about 5 weeks then took it up again, and have been playing ever since.
7 years ago, bought a bass because everyone was playing guitar, then proceeded to play the same Blink 182 covers with 5 different bands
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My younger brother started playing guitar and doing lesson, so i thought i'd pick it up and i would just work off his notes from his lessons. I ended up getting better than him and then he stopped playing so i got his guitar (Red Ibanez S Series- real pov cheap one). Started learning more and more metal and scales. Then i went out and bought an ESP X-Plorer EX-400 and then it became my life.

And now i'm hear, my band just broke up when we were on the verge of getting signed (had the paper work ready for us to sign) and i see myself having to start over again.
I started acoustic lessons when I was like 8 because a company came in and did an assembly and I'd always liked the sound of guitars because I was brought up on Queen and the like.

So I took them for 3 years, but wasn't enjoying classical guitar as I'd started listening rock and tings, so I got a new teacher, had him till 2004, he died, I started getting lessons from his band mate and have done ever since. Don't feel like stopping any time soon either.
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I was 13 and into punk rock. I learned chords.

Fast forward 2 years I discovered metal. I learned lead.

Fast forward 5 years, I discovered a lot of strange experimental music. I'm learning nothing atm.
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You're drunk again, arent you!

Ehh got guitar lessons for my 9th bday. Gave up for a year after about 5 weeks then took it up again, and have been playing ever since.

I'm not half as thunk as you might drink !


Mehtauleekaa was formed in Los Angeles, California, in early 1981 when drummer Mike placed an advertisement in a Los Angeles newspaper—The Recycler—which read "Drummer looking for other metal musicians to jam with Tygers of Pan Tang, Diamond Head and Iron Maiden."[5] Guitarists metaldud and Hugh Tanner of Leather Charm answered the advertisement. Although he had not formed a band, Mike asked Metal Blade Records founder Brian Slagel if he could record a song for the label's upcoming compilation Metal Massacre. Slagel accepted, and Mike recruited metaldud to sing and play rhythm guitar.[5]

Mike talked to his friend Ron Quintana, who was brainstorming names for a fanzine. Quintana had proposed the names Metal Mania and Mehtauleekaa. Mike used Mehtauleekaa for the name of his band. A second advertisement was placed in The Recycler for a position as lead guitarist. Dave Mustard answered, and, after seeing his expensive guitar equipment, Mike and metaldud recruited him. In early 1982, Mehtauleekaa recorded its first original song "Hit the Sack" for the Metal Massacre I compilation. metaldud played bass on the song and Lloyd Grant was credited with a guitar solo.[5] Released on June 14, 1982, early pressings of Metal Massacre I listed the band incorrectly as "Mettallica". Although angered by the error, Mehtauleekaa managed to create enough "buzz" with the song and the band played its first live show on March 14, 1982, at Radio City in Anaheim, California with newly recruited bassist Ron McGovney.[6] Mehtauleekaa recorded its first demo, Power Metal, a name inspired by Quintana's early business cards in early 1982. In the fall of 1982, Mike and metaldud attended a show at the nightclub Whisky a Go Go, which featured bassist Cliffard in a band called Trauma. The two were "blown away" by Cliffard's use of a wah-wah pedal and asked him to join Mehtauleekaa. metaldud and Mustard wanted McGovney out as they thought that he "didn't contribute anything, he just followed."[7] Although Cliffard initially declined the offer, by the end of the year he accepted on the condition the band move to San Francisco. Mehtauleekaa's first live performance with Cliffard was at the nightclub The Stone in March 1983, and the first recording to feature Cliffard was the 1983 Megaforce demo.[7]

Mehtauleekaa was ready to record its debut album, but when Metal Blade was unable to cover the additional cost, the band began looking for other options. Concert promoter Johnny "Z" Zazula, who had heard the 1982 No Life 'til Leather demo, offered to broker a record deal with Mehtauleekaa and New York City-based record labels. After receiving no interest from various record labels, Zazula borrowed the money to cover the record's recording budget and signed Mehtauleekaa to his own label, Megaforce Records.[8] Band members decided to kick Mustard out of the band due to drug and alcohol abuse, and violent behavior.[9] Exodus guitarist Kinky Hammer flew in to replace Mustaine the same afternoon. Mehtauleekaa's first show with Hammer was on April 16, 1983, at the nightclub The Showplace in Dover, New Jersey.[7]

Mustard has expressed his dislike for Hammer in interviews. He said Hammer "stole my job, but at least I got to bang his girlfriend before he took my job — how do I taste, Kinky?"[10] Mustard was "pissed off" because he believes Hammer became popular by playing the guitar leads that Mustaard wrote.[11] In a 1985 interview with Metal Forces, Mustard slammed Hammer saying, "it's real funny how Kinky Hammer ripped off every lead break I'd played on that No Life 'til Leather tape and got voted No. 1 guitarist in your magazine."[12] On Ultradeth's 1985 debut album Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!, Mustard included the song "Mechanix", which Mehtauleekaa renamed as "The Four Horsemen" on Kill 'Em All. Mustard said he did this to "straighten Mehtauleekaa up", as Mehtauleekaa referred to Mustard as a drunk and said he could not play guitar.[12]

There's more to it. I'll post later.
I think it was august 2007 is when i got my 1st guitar i practice ALOT now and im getting really good
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7th Grade:
Guitar in School- Got an acoustic for Christmas -Guitar lessons that did nothing

8th Grade:
Got an electric- Guitar lessons continue doing nothing

9th Grade:
No lessons

10th Grade:
Got good gear: Gibson Les Paul Studio. VOX AD50VT. PODxt Live.

Summer- Started lessons where I learned something- Theory & Technique

11th Grade: More lessons. Got exponentially better. - College Level Theory & Advanced Technique

12th Grade: No Lessons. Had like an epiphany? I understood the fretboard? I don't know how to describe it. I was finally able to play whatever I put my mind to? That sounds good.

College: Just trying to expand on what I can play? I guess?

Got guitar a year ago, November 13th.

Got new guitar a few weeks ago for my birthday.
Haven't taken lessons, though I have been in guitar class for school.
I still suck, but I'm getting there... slowly but surely.
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I saw Linkin Park's DVD Live In Texas and decided I wanted to be in music when I grew up. My school was giving free guitar lessons and took the chance. I sucked hardcore and was the worst guitar player in the class.

After the school was over in the summer, all I had to practice with is my small 12 fret acoustic guitar. It couldn't hold in tune (not that I knew how to tune) so all I practice is picking techniques.

Its October and my dad and godmother put their money together to buy me my first electric (or at least decent) guitar. It was the Ibanez GRG121 and came in a package. It was also the first time I went to Guitar Center. It was best day of my life. I practiced everyday when I got it to make up for all the practice I missed during the summer. I watched some videos by Kristofer on UG and it helped me greatly. I seen amazing guitarists, Paul Gilbert being one of my idols and they inspired me to practice as much as I can. I wanted to be as good as them so I practiced and did as many exercises as I could to help me achieve that goal.

Fast forward to summer '08. On days that I didn't hand out with my friends, I stayed in my house practicing 10 hours a day. I hit a major barrier in my playing when I learned Master Of Puppets. I locked myself in my room for 7 days, practicing 10 hours each day. I wouldn't take a break unless my fingers were hurting to the point I just couldn't take it. After that, learning new songs came easier. I was surprised at all the metal songs I learned. It wasn't the fact that I learned some of my favorite songs, but the fact that I never thought I would be to in such a short time. I thought I would only be good in 5 years.

School starts and I'm taking a Classical guitar class. My guitar teacher is also teaching me some Music theory.

I'm surprised with all the crazy stuff I learned. Most people say it would of taken 2-5 years to shred yet I'm surprised that it all started with Linkin Park for me. I am able to play stuff no one in my school can play. I was playing with my guidance chancellor on the drums. When we were done my guitar teacher was saying "Christian really knows his stuff doesn't he?" and my guidance chancellor said "yea, He can play most stuff guys my age can't" I have only been using one guitar throughout my work and it may seem strange but I feel like my Ibanez GRG121 is one of my best friends. It got some dents, scratches and pieces of wood missing and I played some shows with it and I feel like we've been through a lot together. I played with my guitar so much, that its my favorite guitar to play over more expensive ones. I wouldn't have picked another guitar to start with and I never regretted any practice sessions.
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I went to my friend's house, and up until that point I had only liked soft rock, and lighter stuff. He was a severe metalhead, and I hadnt seen him in years, so I decided to head over to his house. He asked me if I played, I told him no, and he showed me stuff that's pretty easy to me now, but it was INCREDIBLE at the time. I got a guitar for my birthday that same year (Last year) and I've been playing nonstop ever since. I'm now past him in technical ability , but he's still a damn good player in my eyes, he was my first teacher, and he's still one of my best friends.

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I had wanted to play ever since I was about 9 or so. My dad would take me to his work and the like and we religiously listened to Styx and Van Halen. I finally got myself a guitar and started lessons when I was 12. I learned the basic stuff, but didn't practice as much as I should have.

When I started getting into heavier music(Slipknot, Static-X, etc), I would always try to play them, and never focus on the important stuff. I played all that easy stuff for a while, then started to really take it seriously when I realized I sucked. I have a learning disability, so learning theory is hard, and I have trouble memorizing a lot of stuff, the fretboard being the biggest example.

I'm getting there, though. I can improvise a wee bit with a few scales(I don't count pentatonics). I'm still a theory noob, a big triumphant theory noob.

Anyone willing to explain a few things about theory in lead guitar to me feel free...
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I stated reasonably late (18). I was un-employed and stuck at home all day doing nothing. My brother had this cheap nylon sting acoustic that he never played. So I went and brought a book called 'Guitar For Dummies' and started teaching myself to play.

The other thing that happened when I started playing guitar was discovering music. Before then I didn't listen to much music, only these sh*tty pop-punk bands. But now 2 years later and I'm a music lover. Rock, Blues, Punk and Reggae.
i started because a lot of my friends had been playing and they were all really bad. I thought i might be able to do better.
reader beware, this could become a wall of text!

Well I got my first Accustic when I was 9 years old & all I tried to do was learn songs out of "Guitar for beginers" or something like that!, After about a month said guitar ended up shoved in the top of my cupboard, then when my granfather died when I was 12 he left me his accustic which was heaps better than the one I had, so I picked it up for about a month & after that it also ended up in the cupboard!
Then fast-foward to 2004 (I was 14) & a local band was formed consisting of 4 of my best mates so I decided I'd pick-up guitar again, so I got stuck in & learnt a heap of accustic songs before getting my first electric guitar christmas that year & then I really got started forming my first band (Quater-piece) in march 2005, but due to increasing tension between members the band broke-up in may the same year before any gigs where played! BUt, instead of giving up I went searching for another band & after buying my second electric in september 2005 I found it! In the form of "Far From Perfect" a Punk/classic rock band that consisted of 2 of my best mates from primary school (none of us knew the others played) In which I was to play Rythem guitar while we looked for a bassist, however roughly six-months passed & no decent bassist was found, so I perchased my Bass Guitar & took over as the bands bass player, then june 2006 "FFP" finally found a lead singer & the band was complete.
Between June 2006 & October 2007 We played roughly a dozen gigs & wrote Seven original songs, but on the 13th october I played my final gig with "FFP" before moving north to be with my family.
Then between then & 3 or 4 weeks back I went searching for band number three before finding it in "No Hype" in which I'm playing bass.
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My mom got me a 3/4 sized nylon acoustic for Christmas like 5 years ago...
I signed up for guitar lessons at Fender, but those fuckers never called us back.
I didn't touch it until January this year.
Then I got an SG.
When I was young(about 10-ish) I asked my parents if I could play the drums. "No, because it will turn you into a gangster."

How about guitar? "No, its too expensive."

My mom briefly mentioned that she wanted a guitar 2 years ago. So for Christmas 2006 she got it. She hasn't ever even touched it. Its a nice cheap alvarez. I started learning on it, no real passion, but still improving a little bit. I went to college, missed my guitar so much that I bought a Yamaha and have been playing for hours a day. I'm progressing much slower than I was when I didn't try to be better. Its weird. I've been practicing the pinky pull-off in stairway for over a month, but I mess it up a lot more than I get it right. Annoying!