Alright, so we're gonna be gigging soon. A drummer, two guitars, keys, and bass. My rhythm guitarist and signer has a crap 10 watt Marshall practice amp. I'd let him use the Ampeg, but that's up for sale. So he needs a decent half stack for live duty. My lead player is getting a Peavey half soon, I play through a Gallien-Krueger 1001RBII and Neo 410 cab. Any recommendations for what he should get? We play Post-Hardcore, kinda like Rec Jumpsuit Apparatus, Underoath, etc. Also some Anberlin type stuff. Price limit = $600 and it doesn't really have to be a half stack. Just needs balls.
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you dont rly need a half stack at all, a 30 - 50W tube amp would be fine. more than enough rly.
maybe look at some Vox's, they tend to be pretty good value.
P.S. you like anberlin, you have great tastes
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That has some mega balls. It would probably be around $600 USD because that place is Australian and uses list prices.

EDIT: Here is a list of some around your price range. http://www.guitarcenter.com/Amp-Stacks-Guitar-Amplifiers2,500-700.gc

Really good Marshall head for low price, but the cab is an MG.

--->This is what you want<---

$500 USD for a 100w all-tube half stack.

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Ifhe's going up against a half stack, you'd need at least 50W with a 2x12 speakers I'd say.
Moving on.....
For budget range and great sound:

Peavey Valveking - Lots of balls, low low price
Marshall JVM205H - We just got this amp at work last week, everyone's loving it, will probably be gone by the end of the week, awesome tone on it's own without any added distortion or effects, costs a hell of a lot though ($1699 CDN)
Any used marshall all tube head - built like tanks, and at least half of the HC bands I've seen are using marshall's.
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