I purchased D'Addario Super Light Guage Strings for my electric guitar, and now there is an annoying fret buzz. Open strings don't buzz.
What can I do? Do I change back to me old strings?
if they are a different gauge then what you had on you might need to adjust your action and intonnation a bit

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Take it to a local shop and tell themm there is fret buzz, unless you know how to adjust it then go ahead
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try adjusting your bridge and bridge tuners

I wanted to try this but theres a lot of math involved in this from what i can tell. Id have to take measurements and such, Im afraid to make things worse for myself.
not really.

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buzzing is gone.
All it took was leveling out the tremolo bar. (I was futzing around with it earlier this week because of drop d tuning)
Thanks all.