for binding, (assuming your shape is already cut) you'll want to use #5 in the first picture, but with a difference between your bearing and actual cut that't approximately the same (preferably exact, if it's not then try to aim so that you'll have to shallow of a rout instead of too deep, that way you can scrape it flush).

What router did you get?
You need a bit with a bearing on top instead of on the bottom to rout pickup cavities assuming your using a template which you should so you can't make any mistakes. For binding you could use #3 and set up a block that attaches to your router base the block would have to be round on the end and be able to fit all the curves of the guitar and you would need to drill a hole halfway through from the bottom of the block for the rest of the bit to go. You move the block towards or back from the bit to adjust for the width of the binding this is easier to do on a router table. That is probably hard to understand the other way is getting a special bit for the binding.
Okay that helps, a lot. Yes I was making a template, Failed, first time I used a router. Im gonna do it again.

I got a SKIL router, BOSCH second brand, just like Squier by FEnder.

Also got a Black and Decker Jigsaw to cut the body. Wednesday Ill be getting the wood,