i have a problem and i was wondering if anyone could help? it's really annoying, to the extent that i won't be able to gig with my guitar, which i plan on doing soon.

ive got an Epiphone Sheraton II, which i absolutely love btw, and what keeps happening, more and more regularly, is the nut for the jack socket comes loose, and because it's a hollow body that means the socket falls INSIDE THE GUITAR. it is very difficult to get it back out through the hole that it fell through, as you can imagine (although i've developed a pretty good way of doing it by now (it's happening pretty much every other day)).

i tighten up the nut as much as possible, but if the lead is in and i jerk it even a little then the nut comes off and the jack socket falls through.

any ideas??

i'm guessing it's going to be a matter of sending it to epiphone, but an alternative would be great.

Take it to your local music store to get some tips on how to fix it, OR let them fix it themselves and watch so that if it happens in the future, you already have the experience to fix it.

Worse comes to worse, you'll only have to buy a new jack and install it.
Put some nail polish on it.
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seriously i have just the solution...

this works, as i also have one, and i had a similar problem.

once you tighten the nut up... cover the input jack in nail varnish...

it creates a thin lacquer which stops the threading of the nut thing...

to be honest i dont know what im talking about... but try it, it works.

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thankyou very much everyone!

it's really cool that you all care...

i'll try the nail polish thing, because the problem is that the nut 'cross-threads' and comes off, rather than actually loosening, so that sounds as if it might work to stop that from happening.

if not then, yeah, i will take it to my nearest store.

thanks again.
Sounds liek the threads are damaged/stripped and that's why it's not holding. You should replace the entire jack & nut. Then add nail polish or Threadlocker to keep it from lossing.
Moving on.....
a new jack is only a few dollars.

you can also add a locking washer under the nut, for a few cents.

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