I have the same feedback problem as everyone and I've tried many reccomendations. Not facing the amp, turning the amp away, standing farther away, etc. It even squeaks when I silence the strings, and sometimes even after I put the guitar voulme on 0. I have single-coil pick ups, if that matters. I really do need some help with this, thanks much.
if you are still getting noise with muting the strings and/or turning your guitar down to ) then your cables are crap, look at those. If you are using pedals then it could be the powersource interfering with your signal

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Move to a different room. When I'm in my bedroom, I get bad feedback, but if I move into my livingroom, I'm good. I think it might just be the room size, not sure exactly why.

Also make sure you have no electronics nearby (Radio, computer, etc.) that'll give you feedback too.
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Checked the cables, played withother cables, problem still isn't solved regardless. Moving to a diff room isn't an option. Our drummers set is in his garage so we can't really just move. This sucks /=