Would it be possible to make your pickups active by just soldering a 9v/w battery clip to your normal circuit? Sounds dumb but I think it would sound cool if you could actually do that.
the 9v runs the preamp inside the pickup on actives so i'm guessing no since there isnt a preamp in passives.
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thats like attaching a gas tank to a toy car. no it wont work silly,
you need a preamp
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EMGs have small preamps under the cover, that is why there fully enclosed....
So if you want to make you pickups active you have to put a preamp in them change the pots and get a stereo jack and a 9 battery

But i wouldn't make your pickups active cause EMGs are wound with less DC resistance and output, which preamp makes up for, so if you put a preamp and 9Vs into a standard pickup you will get VERY high outputs, way to much