I want to buy a Ibanez PGM301, but recently, i've been looking at 7 strings, and i was wondering if anything could sway me to buy a 7 string
so I'm lookin for a good 7 string guitar for about 1,200 USD

no preference on anything, except fretboard would be best as ebony, or maple

thanks for any help
get an ibanez prestige. their all great.
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Schecter Loomis FR.
If the neck is too thin then maybe an Ibanez RG1527 with Dimarzio pickups.
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get an ibanez prestige. their all great.

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you could get eight stringer instead of the seven stringer.
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The neck on the 8 string is monstrous, but yeah go for a prestige 7 string or the Loomis 7 both are awesome guitars. Although i'd get a PGM out of the 3 :p
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you could get eight stringer instead of the seven stringer.

I wouldn't recommend an 8 stringer to someone who doesn't own a 7 string. Still then, I wouldn't recommend an 8 string unless you're tuning your 7 strings down to Z minor.
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