Hey guys:

I have a fender strat, set up so that I only have two pickups. I still have the 5 way switch so when I go to the position that should be neck, it acts as a killswitch. However, I had a question as to another way to wire the guitar. I know that on guitars like a les paul there are volume knobs for each individual pickup. So I was wondering that if, instead of having a master volume and a tone knob for each pickup... if I could wire my guitar differently so that each pickup has a volume knob and I have a master tone knob. Thanks guys

You'd need to ensure the tone pot's value/taper match the master volume's first.
Then you would wire each pickup directly to the individual volume controls.
The output of each volume control would go to the pickup selector.
The pickup selector output would them go to the master tone.
Moving on.....