Alright, its really easy. Just take off the knobs and pickguard and unscrew the pickups and replace the plastic covers.
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yep... but why do you need to remove the knobs? I took the pups out of my strat and didn't remove any knobs
on a strat you need to take off the strings, bracing the bridge, and removing outer most screws ONLY on the pick guard.

then you lift off the guard and know that wires will still be attached to the guard. note how high each pup is.
unscrew two screws per pup, catchng the springs under the screws, so they dont bounce away. lower the pickups one at a time from the guard, slip off the old plastic covers, should come off ok, put new ones on, slip springs back under guard and over pup.

return the guard to the guitar, restring, set up the bridge and adjust pickup height.

to remove knobs, pull the old knobs up and off, sometimes slipping a thin sock under the knob and pulling them up and off like a sling shot works well.

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