My specific question: Every time I hit "play" in REAPER, the Magnus Choir vsti demo I have reverts instantly to the "Alienus" preset. I can change it back to what I want while the song is playing, but as soon as I stop the song and hit play again, it reverts back to that same preset. This is NOT a feature of the demo; the demo is the same as the full version except that it beeps every few seconds. This is very annoying and it seems like nothing I do can make the change stick. Other VSTis play the midi file fine, it's just that whenever I try to make the changes stick to Magnus Choir, it reverts back to that preset as soon as I hit "play."

A random general question: I export my multi-track guitar pro to midi, and then open up the midi in REAPER which expands it back to the original midi tracks. For some reason, certain VSTis (but not all of them) refuse to play back the midi if they were part of a multi-track guitar pro thing, but if I copy that one track in guitar pro to a new file and export that midi by itself, the VSTis seem to play fine. Does anyone else have this problem/have suggestions?
I have a problem with getting drum midi files made with GP to play back as drum sounds in Ableton live. I still haven't figured out why. It could be the encoding of GP MIDIs