fffffHey I'm a 17 year old guitarist/song writer looking to form a sick rock band. i would like to have a rock styled band (hard rock, punk rock, alternative rock whatever) and am looking for a drummer, bassist, lead guitarist. and possible vocalist. if you are interested please reply back to this message or IM me at setmefreeeeeex. Also.. i know alot of local bands and can guarentee show bookings :]
i play bass, im 16 and live in mineola.. ive been looking for ppl 2 lately, my 1st 2 bands havnt been working out lately.. where on long island r u
I'm from south setauket. I'm 17 and i can drive so no problem really. what about you?
yo im interested Im a songwriter but i like in rhode island/ massachusetts but you can hit me up on aim psychictenasity, ive been writing songs for a couple of years , and my fav bands are pearl jam, floyd, beatles, and soundgarden.....hit me up lol. Alot of people dont know I play since im black....(I really dont fit the stereotype so when I tell people I play they get a bit surprised.) but yea off topic whatever. Ive written some songs on power tab but its not a good representation of what I want, since its MIDI....Ill send em to you anyways if your interested.