is it possible to play a guitar head through a bass amp?

because I have a peavey musician (or something, can't remember) and I thought about this.
its gonna sound pretty crappy. a bass speaker is for low rumbling notes. not anything in a guitars range.
I wouldnt do it cus it ****s up the treble, however I have previously run a guitar amp with a smaller bass amp alongside it, it allowed the guitar to do the middle work on the distortion setting, not really adding much to the sound, but gave the guitar such texture during its cleans.

just get a baritone
it will not be an accurate sound for the head

its like playing a studio recorded piece through an ipod station
what kinds of bass cab is it? If it's a 4x10 then you actually might like the tone. It's nice and warm around the low end.
If all you want to know if, does the cab work?

Go ahead, you aren't going to blow anything up, so long as the Ohms match.

It won't sound great though.
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I've played a guitar through a bass amp with a bass overdrive pedal.. and it sounded ****ing badass.

I was using my 8 string though..
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a guitar though a bass amp would be much better than a Gear thread in the Customizing forum.

i'll report this and ask a Mod to move it to GG&A for you.
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