Okay so I've been writing a lot in the past few weeks and I seem to repeatedly hit this block where I have a lot of my lines with the word 'you' towards the beginning or the end. I feel like this ends up making it sound too repetitive or even too cheesy.

So here's an example: (the one that sparked me to write this)
It took me til' now to realize what I mean to you
And I'm finally understanding all the things that you do
You were a piece of broken glass scattered all across the floor
and I'm here to file your edges so we can open the door

Does anyone have any advice? Maybe there's a trick with overuse of pronouns or something, or maybe you guys don't think its a problem and I'm just crazy.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
Signatures are overrated.
I don't know what to tell ya, but I don't think you should worry about it. I doubt anybody will look that closely at the words. As long as a series of lines like that don't happen too often i think you'll be fine.
stop writing about someone.. duhh

interestingly, if you decided not to write it so everything rhymed, you could use babe, hun, girl, etc. unless its a guy..
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youre just overanalyzing it i hardly noticed the repetition of the word "you." if its still bothering you though, maybe writing about someone else isnt a good idea unless you have many other replacement names for "you" [as someone already mentioned]
Cut out the 'You were' in the third line and make it a metaphor?
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