I pay my own way though college so i by no means have alot of free money to spend on basses. i go to guitar center and i fall in love with the 800 - 1500 dollar basses. But, for some reason i really really hate playing the cheaper basses. They just dont feel right when i finger pick. Ive tried squires, epiphones, ibanez's, and some deans, but i hate playing all of them. there just not comfortable. Are there any lower priced basses that you guys know of that feel somewhat more towards the higher priced ones. playability wise. obviously weight and neck dive are not an issue as those are easily fixed. maybe im just picky......who knows
yeah i liked the schecters but the guitar center never had any of the lower priced ones. Are they any good
i like the playability of my stillettio studio 4-string. but i like the tone of my spector 5 string better. depends on what style you're playing and what you like about a bass
I know you may not like my answer and maybe you also have a bit of the,"If it's not expensive then it can't be good" and that the brand make it good but also remember that most expensive guitars are usually set up better than cheaper ones.You can learn to do a lot of that yourself e.g lowering the action,stoning the frets,setting the PUPS etc.

Picking the right gauge and make of strings to suit you can also be a major improvement on any Guitar/Bass.

Earlier this year I sold my Jazz bass because live it was always good to me for recording it didn't cut it for what I wanted.Before I did I looked around and by accident saw a young guy playing this Yamaha bass on youtube,


It sounded so good I found one local 2nd hand for £40/$60.As sson as I picked it up I knew it would work with a little tweaking.Once I set it up and put new strings on it it plays like a dream and records the same and can do so many tones it's a gem.

Even new they don't cost a lot and they still have great reviews.Every now and then a guitar maker makes a diamond they don't know about.IMHO the RBX 170(Crap name) is one.

My 10 penn'th.
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what does stoning the frets mean?

It's only if you need to take unevenness off the frets from wear or they have been badly machined or want to lower them.You have to have a lot of experience to do it and normally the job of a Guitar Luther.I'm lucky that one of my jobs when I was younger involved being taught metal filing/trimming and honing.

it's not normally a concern on most new or nearly new guitars/basses.