This self inflicted sorrow carved through time,
hands are shaking out of line,
deep in thought lost in mind,
you painted these walls too many times,
so with this last breathe of innocence,
will you bless me with ever rest,
and with this last breathe of innocence,
i can call now for i am dead,
so now the stars melt in the sky,
to shape the absence all around,
and make a place for peace,
so they can be as one,
and let the earth just slip away,
like you did me the other day,
and now I'm forever gone,
in my own way,
ooh, I'm forever gone,
on my own way,
and I'm forever gone,
in my own way,
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I'm tired, ill, and this has a really nice shape.

It just look so pleasant to read, you instantly, without even reading the title, get a feeling of descending emotion, of something getting smaller, further away, or worse.

And then I read it, and yes, it gets more desperate throughout.

And yes, it was pleasant to read.

(Is Craigy boy annoying anyone else here today? He says "I love it" then puts his link up for a C4C. Whore.)
It's just so rare to see that anymore....

Anyway, is this going to be continued, or is the "chapter one" just for effect?
The story behind the lyrics are they started out 4 lines on a paper and i've always loved them just couldn't figure where to go with the emotion due to i've been in a great relationship lately but due to that fell apart i had the perfect mindset to write the rest for them and could feel what i felt before these are the first lyrics i've written in a long time and thanks everyone for reading them and yes Chapter 2 will be soon
Very well written! Keep it up!
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