Guys and Girls today I found out my grandmother and my great grandmother can both play guitar better then me.

So we where sitting at my great grannys house this afternoon after school. I was playing my guitar and she told me to hand it to her and she showd me up big time to be so old she is great but she didn't have to belittle me so much...

Does anyone in your family play and how do you compare to them?
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Your great grandmother pwned you at playing guitar?? Does she also have a bigger penis than you?
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Smack her with said guitar, next time.
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My dad is learning his first song. We are both n00bs. He started after me and he is 40 years older than me, so I'm not going to compare who is better. He is good for how well he is at picking up something completely foreign to him.
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my uncle can make up stuff with some crazy chords quite a bit better than me, but as far as actually playing stuff already known I can outplay him
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But i come from a long line of musicians. every male, as in, direct line of my family plays an instrument. no joke. whether it be bass, violin, guitar, piano, trumpet drums, mandolin, banjo, or something else, they play something. usually a bunch. and all can sing. Which, lucky for me, means we all have a natural ear for music! pretty easy to pick up instruments, right now i'm at four. Almost every Johnson (my family) plays guitar though, it's the family instrument, so basically every one is better than my family is better than me except one uncle and every boy younger than me. but in this fam'ly, women don't play or make music. they cook. they're not good 'nough. theyre only aloud to make sammiches. jk.

But anyways, if you don't play an instrument and you're a guy, you will be disowned. however most of it is by ear. i take lessons though.

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Play Smoke on water that oughta show the bitch

Shit dude, that'd be really risky. You know how hard that song is, he'd definitely **** it up. Even Herman Li (the greatest guitarist who ever lived) can't always play it perfectly!
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Nobody but me and my brother. I don't think my family was a guitar family really.. dating back I mean. I'm better than my brother in my style - I play acoustic instrumentals and he plays keller williams kinda stuff and sings.
My grandmas new husband can play insanely good, and to top it all off, he only has 4 fingers on one hand.
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I had a Ibanez gio.It made me sad when I played it

You've obviously never played a Xiphos or a Prestige then.

On topic, not really a problem for me.

I'm the only musician in my family.

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Shit dude, that'd be really risky. You know how hard that song is, he'd definitely **** it up. Even Herman Li (the greatest guitarist who ever lived) can't always play it perfectly!

****ing sigged lol
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yup, he does play an ibanez
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my stepdads brother in law said he had been playin for 11 years, i thought he was gonna melt my face off but he really sucked. all he knew were chords of old songs. and ive been playin for like 2. or 3. i think.
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What did she play?
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