Hey guys...I've been playing lead for a reggae band lately and wrote my first song for them recently. I just recorded it last weekend and am looking for some feedback on it.


Listen to the first song (always baked). C4C


I'm planning on doing another take on the vocal track and tinkering with the mix. I'm also going to try and shape the bass up and make the notes more distinct by pulling up the levels in the mix and running it through a sonic maximizer.
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Guitar is kind of noisy when the vocal comes in. Intro is a little bit to long, for my taste at least. Bass should be more audible, thicker. Throw the vocals up, at times they are very hard to understand. It sounds like you are right up next to the mic barely singing. Not bad. Critique mine https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1011652
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im really glad you titled it always baked, otherwise i dont think i would have clicked this. It has a great intro, very cool and it had me hooked. i thought it was an instrumental though, and didn't see the reggae actually coming. The reggae part is cool and fits well... The whole song basically surprised me, all in a good way. I'm not a huge fan of the vocals, but for your solo work is very cool. For some reason i could just hear a jamaican spitting for perfect vocals, but still good. Cool solo/distorted vocals in the end.

as for the critiquing, the vocals are a bit quiet as already said, and the intro does drag on. Its a cool part but could be shortened. Didn't hear much bass, but my macbook never plays bass anyway, so i can't judge there.

i got nothing for you to crit, but you caught my attention; good work, i'd like to hear more like this

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Checked this out yesterday but didn't get time to write. Pretty dope man. I really dug it. The vocals are a wee bit quiet but over all I think the tune is good. The intro may be a bit drawn out, but unless you're going for a radio friendly pop format (which I assume you're not!!) I would leave it as is.

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