While yes I know it's stupid to take life altering advice from the pit, I just want opinions.

So I have to apply to university soon and I don't really know what I want to get into. What I'm leaning on the most is Film, which is what probably will end up happening but I'm just scared about my future in that as there's no guaranteed jobs and it's very competitive, just like music. I refuse to go into something I have no passion for which leads to these hard to do jobs. I wanna be happy and stanky rioh. Any suggestions of what to do or take?
I would stay start to develop your passion.

You know, write stuff, poems, draw, be yourself the most possible. Originality is the best thing someone can have.

If you like film, write stories or w/e, scrips, but develop yourself.

about the job, well uh... That's pretty hard yeah.

But if you get contacts and know good people that are into business, you can do good. So start getting in projects about the passion you have like I don't know, a school theatre project? w/e