the tabs on here are complicated as hell for me, being i'm not so good at finger picking. anybody have an easy way to play this BEAUTIFUL song?
any "easy way" of playing a song is a sucky way, bro (no insult)
if ur not playing it the way ur supposed to you probably wont'
be very satisfied with the sound your making
have you seen the capo version of that song i beleive you capo on 5 as far as fingerpicking goes start slow and work your way up to a faster tempo. thats about as easy/hard as it gets
I wouldnt put it the way the guy above me did, but his logic is right. If you practice alot and get it down correctly it will be much more satisfying than learning a watered down version.

Just try some more basic fingerpicking songs first like:
Stairway to heaven-Led Zeppelin
Tears in Heaven-Eric Clapton

Then try a more complicated song like this one.
I agree with "anita prs bad," capo on the fifth fret not only makes it easier, but as you'll see in my correction comment on the best colorblind tab here...it's close to impossible to play correctly without it.