Lately I've been having trouble with my attempts to write songs. In most cases I end up using "I", "You" a lot, and I also have trouble working around making chord progressions. I've also noticed lately that when I start a song, I'm bound to begin with the open C chord. Even with a capo on, I can't break the habit.

My lyrics are also ending up to be my own personal thoughts etc, and I really want to have a real "storytelling" effect - not just what I think and feel about things.

I write lyrics before music first, and I can't seem to "phrase" out the lyrics as I would like to. Can anybody recommend me some tips to break this hole that I've dug myself in?
I can sympathize with your first, third and fourth problems.

Regarding your second problem: try writing a song using only barre chords, it might break the habit.
The starting out with C thing shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just make a point to go to other chords.