Does anyone on this site own one? I'm curious whether or not they really live up to all the hype.

I don't have enough money for one or the skill to justify buying one right now, but I just thought this was interesting.
yeah i've seen a few reviews of it, it looks to be amazing!!!
the cutaway actualy tapers all the way back to the back of the guitar
which gives it an electric-guitar feel.
the selling point though is that its supposedly indestructible,
the guy who did the review said he tuned the guitar in 75 degree house
took it outside (like 20 degrees or something), left it out for an hour, brought it back in,
let it rest for a while and checked the tuning and apparently it was close to perfect.
this guy (from guitar world mag) said that the volume output was
noticably bigger and that the tone was amazing
my local samash have two carbonfiber guitars .. im pretty sure its the rainsong brand but i could be wrong .. i played them and it was ehh .. watever .. but it sure looks freakin rad man
take it easy man .. its just a thread