Hey guys, I'm looking for some new pickups.

Currently in my Dinky it has two duncan designed pups which i've looked up and basically the bridge is based on the JB and the neck is the same with a lower output.

I'm finding these pickups to thin and pretty harsh sounding so I'm looking to thicken up and smooth out my sound. At the moment the bridge pickups i'm looking at are the 'duncan custom' the 'custom custom' (whats the difference by the way) and a dimarzio tone zone. As for the neck i'm not as sure but my first thought was an Air Norton.

They're going into an Alder or Basswood guitar, my dinky is an older model and i think it was alder but the newer versions of the same model are basswood so i'm not sure. Amp is the Laney VC15 and tone-wise with the OCD i can get that to sound EVH, Panama-ish pretty well but i'm not trying to emulate van halen and I want a thicker sound. I figured the tone zone not having a huge output and the alcino magnet apposed to ceramic would be pretty appropriate but I dont know much about the duncans.

Any help and/or info would be very much appreciated, cheers guys