Ok, so my birthday is coming up this thursday and all i asked for my birthday was money so that i could get a new guitar. I've been playing guitar for over a year and i've stuck with my Epiphone Dot electric and my grandpa's old Alvarez acoustic. Well recently i've been taking trips to my local music shop to take a look at some acoustic-electrics and i sat down with a Yamaha FX370C for $279.99 and played around on it for awhile, checked the neck, body, tuning pegs, the whole thing. Overall i thought it was a very nice guitar except for a few minor adjustments that could be made but this store sets it up for you when you buy it and you get free repairs etc. for a year. I was just wondering if this would be a good guitar to get, my mom is just kind of weary because the price is a little on the cheap side.

If you are interested, and are up to it, please PM me for more info on the song.
Yes, it's just one song in particular, theres no shredding or fast solos.
It is a mellow, instrumental, clean, song.
i say go for it if you like it but for that kind of money i would expect a solid top, i'm not sure if that one does have one but i know epi has a few amazing acoustic electrics in that price range with solid tops and great electronics
i was in love with my fg730 yamaha which had a solid spruce top and laminate rosewood back and sides and albalone rosette very balanced tone and very good craftsmanship .. couldnt find a flaw .. just a thought and highly recommended
take it easy man .. its just a thread
Yamaha's are great acoustics. Nice choice on picking one. I have a Yamaha F335 and I love that thing.
Yamaha's entry level guitars are top notch. There aren't many guitars who play as easily as a Yamaha.
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