I was writing a song today, and I released how hard it is to actually come up with catchy melodies....I mean, coming up with progressive rock/ metal riffs and compositions is easier than what people think, and creating the relatively catchy lyrics and chord progressions are alot harder for me . Anyone else feel the same way.
It's probably harder to you because you DO listen to prog and metal, so you know them better. People in pop basically only know pop, so they're subjected to a myriad of catchy melodies, as those in metal are subjected to a myriad of heavy riffs.
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I dunno about being catchy as such, but I've been messing around with a lot of acoustic song idea's at the moment (been listening to a lot of porcupine tree and city and colour) and what I will say is that it can be quite difficult to keep it interesting musically, although thats probably just a failing of mine more than anything.
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well, different people have difficulty with different aspects, but yeah, writing catchy songs is a lot harder than its given credit for. kudos
for me it's harder the other way around.

different strokes. although i don't play metal so I guess my abilities lie where they should.
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This is what I've been saying for a while. Pop music might not take a lot of technical skill, but it surely takes a lot of songwriting skill.
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People in pop basically only know pop

Not true. The members of Fallout Boy, for example, grew up listening to 80s hardcore and punk. Not at all catchy, but much more substantial and relevant than most pop music.

edit: that was kind of weak actually, but i'm just trying to say that most pop artists are actually very diverse
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Yes its amazing how hard they work.
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