Hey everyone. This here is the start to the intro/main theme for my role-playing game "Stratos Sphere." I started writing this song last night just out of curiosity of what I would do for a video game, and it's turning out pretty good so far...at least I think so.

I think it's got a nice melody to it, and I'm hoping to keep that going throughout the song, which, obviously, is going to stay an instrumental. Please let me know what you think, and I'll be updating the file periodically as I make more and more progress on it. Thanks!

Btw, I reccommend using the RSE on GP5.2 on this one if you have it. You'll get the best sound that way. But if you wanna just do the midi or don't have 5.2, that's fine as well.
Stratos Sphere Intro&Main Theme[GP4,GP5,MIDI].zip
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Sounds like post-rock, reminds me of sleepmakeswaves. The strings intro was too long for me, I liked the harmonies part the most. The solo was nice too. Keep working on it.

PD. Mind critting mine? ( new one in sig) Thanks.