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Crate Blue Voodoo
1 9%
Marshall DSL 50 JCM 2000
1 9%
Mesa Boogie DC-3
2 18%
Genz Benz El Diablo
2 18%
Marshall JCM 900
5 45%
Voters: 11.
I am looking for an amp. I play mostly Metal, but some hair/80's, jazz, smooth jam, Tru rock. I live in Indiana in the U.S. I only want tube tone. I need at least around 50 watts of tube tone. I need input before Christmas. I've posted a poll. please say why you chose the amp you did and a few specs that corrolate with what I want. Thanks UG
You already have a thread goin, why'd you open another?
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I'd go with the XXX, but since it's not on the poll, the only other amp I play from it would be the Genz Benz, and I must say when I did play it it seemed to be alot of fun so I had to go with it. It was pretty good at the metal, but maybe not a brutal as some amps. Then again I only play with it for about 20-30 minutes.
DC-3 or 5 because it's the best amp on that list by far imo, especially if you're mainly playing metal.
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