I had already written four parts to this Suite, and I don't feel like reviving the thread, so if you really want to hear the first four parts, search through my threads.

Similar to my first four, that it has riffs similar to the other four and that it has a steady melodic progression of motifs. It also features a reprise.

About 6:50 long.
pt. 5.zip
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I wasn't like much of the clean part in the starting because it never really came off as interesting and just pretty bland. I thought that the first lead was annoying and to spacey. The "New progression" was one of the best parts of the song. The ensemble parts were a good touch to the song I like to add.
I think that was, unfortunately very pedestrian for the most part. You've got a couple of nice ideas on certain tracks, but the way it all comes together isn't all that convincing. The lead at the beginning was sort of on the line between lead and solo; too fast and jumpy to be a lead, but too repetitive to be a solo. Your structure is also very wishy-washy, more of a cut & paste job than anything it seems. The problem with this is that whenever you get something good going (eg the ensemble break), you don't develop it, you just cut to the next section immediately.

One thing that really bothered me though was the strings at bar 66, that first chord. That just seems...totally ugly to me. It's repeated a lot throughout the piece which doesn't help either. There's a bit at bar 135 which is essentially the same thing but with the strings playing a better progression, I don't understand why you chose that chord. Sorry man.

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