Im a guitarist looking to start a band....I currently go to umass dartmouth.Im 19, Ive been playing for about 5 years, but im more of a composer than a guitarist. I write alot of my songs, and just broke up from an old band. Some of my favs are pearl jam, smashing pumpkins, beatles, floyd, soundgarden, rage against the machine, and other alternative rock and classic rock artists.I dont care if your an expert, just know how to play your instrument ok...im no expert myself,im average, but I know how to write songs. Eventually I really want to spend time with this, this isnt just gonna be some cover band...this is going to be an original ROCK band.

lol this is from another site so it looks kinda odd.... need a drummer, lead guitarist, bassist and singer so we can start a REAL band.

you can hit me up if interested.....