I am thinking about selling this amp. I believe its called a vox da5. it has various effects and distortion modes. I need to double check a price but i think it will be about $100 + shipping or a best offer

I am definatley getting rid of the rp100. I am looking for $50 or best offer. The distortion modes in it suck, but the reverb, delay, noise gate, eq, chorus and sound really good. I have ran it with a boss pedal and get some decent sounds.

also with christmas coming up i am clearing out some of my various collectibles. I have various autographed cards and jersey cards ( certified from the packs) I also have various baseballs and mini helments. Names include earl campbell, troy aikman, dan marino, derek jeter, I also have a bat autographed by phil rizzuto. all cary major certification. The only one not certified is earl campbell and that was in person. I also have a jim brown footbal and another with roger staubach and tony dorsett.

I would take money orders, paypal to confirmed addresses or checks ( need to wait till they clear)

U.S. Only unless sending a us postal money order and I would have to verifity its legit ( too many scams out of other countries)