So I walked into my local shop to buy a capo today, and right on the floor of the shop: my holy grail: a marshall 1936 2x12 cab. I've been looking for one for a LONG time to replace my 4x12 with. He's only asking $350 for it.

Now, I've been trying to sell my Marshall 4x12 to a shop for a while, they all say they'd pay about 3-450 for a marshal cab in mine's condition. It's got a huge chunk of tolex on the left side hanging off (about 7" wide and 1.5' long, wierd accident with a car's missing back seat and loading it). And I was wondering what you all would think I could get private sales for it or what you'd be willing to pay for an average condition Marshall 4x12.
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You'd only get 350$ tops man, the 1936 cabs are great. I was going to get one for my JVM but Mesa cabs are the only way to go for me man. Great cab though. I'm trying to hook up a Jvm mesa 2x12/ 1936 cab stereo rig. But yeah great deal.

You won't get more than 400$ for the 4x12
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If you can get a few bucks out of that shop on a trade then you're doin alright.
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oh, I should add: no shops in the area are really looking to buy marshall 4x12's right now. Thanks to the economy, I can't walk into a shop without seeing a plethora of Marshall 4x12 cabs in shops. The owner down here won't even do an even trade on it, says the 2x12's are rarer and he doesn't want a 4x12 sitting in his shop.
Fact: Bears eat beats. Bears beats Battlestar Galactica.
List it privately for $300. It will sell in no time.
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