Not worth the trouble especially with the crack down there people tend to stay away from fixed guitars unless there really cheap.
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Go for it. It's only 100 bucks.

Agreed. Who says you can't drop-fill that sucker and sell it for a little more?

i agree with the other two
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It a set neck, makes it very costly to try and replace the neck anyway.
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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and if not, you can prob part it out and make close to 100 bucks
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if i were gonna do this, i'd ...

1 - offer him half that much, but not a penny more.
2 - steam the fretboard off.
3 - create a fixture with shaped wood blocks and clamps that could draw the neck back together and hold it.
4 - remove the trussrod and completely separate the neck at the split.
5 - glue the split.
6 - attach the blocks and draw the neck back together.
7 - re-attach the fretboard.

maybe it works, maybe it doesn't. but it would be worth trying.
and even if it fails, the parts would be worth $50.
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I agree. You could damn near get your money back out of the parts. I would go for it. If you could find a way to force glue into the crack, and get the neck set just right it might not be so bad.
do it

worst comes to worse you have a guitar to smash after one song, salvage the parts, and put it all on another guitar