my friend told me i could record if i got one of these. and i could but the quality sucks and its very loose. It's a radioshack brand, idk if that matters but thats where i got it.

any suggestions?
How are you recording? If you're going from line out of your amp to the soundcard on your computer then it's gonna suck.
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its a hole to enter a mic. it has a mic symbol and i plug in the adapter as well as my guitar chord. im guessing this is an in and not an out. and im not using my amp.

pretty much its just my guitar into an adapter into the computer, if that explains it
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its a hole to enter a mic. it has a mic symbol and i plug in the adapter

^ that's your problem, run it through the line in instead.
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go thru your amp. it's a solid state?

then line out from it, keep all volumes low at first. and select line in on the computer first. then mic in, see which is better.

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Ohhh, yeah, that's straight to the soundcard and is guaranteed to sound like ass. If you wanna go straight to guitar to computer you need an interface of some sort and some software like amplitube or guitar rig.
I don't give a shit if you listen to me or not
yeah, that will pretty much suck, it's not the adapters fault.

Computers like things in tidy 24 bits and 44 htz which is not what your guitar is providing. A good sound card designed more for recording might help. You could also look into those Stealthplugs and Lightsnake cables.
is there a good virus free, free way of getting amplitube

i tried getting reason and it gave me 100 or so viruses
buy an interface/line in thing like the Line 6 toneport or whatever. no illegal freebies for you

although they may offer free trials, I don't know. I think you would still need something else to plug it in with though
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ok i got amplitube and it still sounds like ****. is this because of the sound card thing? i just dont understand because my friend has a mac and it ran perfectly with one of these. plus it wasn't loose and mine is!