Hi UG, I was just curious as to what everyone's favorite commercial is. Mine would have to be those commercials that advertise the dolls that go to the bathroom. The whole concept of those is just so funny to me that I laugh everytime one comes on.

So, what is yours?
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I found a tick on my balls once.

No lie. There was actually a tick (as in the small, blood sucking insect) on my balls.

It freaked me out bad.

commercials suck. tv sucks. spend the time you spend watching tv practicing guitar.
tv and guitar at the same time. OWNED! but u get ALOT of hum. my fav commercial is the free credit report ones. their songs are catchy. but i dont get the geico ones with the cavemen. someone help me out on that?
I like the comercial for...Imperial Nuts I think, the end is like "Mix that all together, and you have one extraordinay nut snack" I laugh every time.
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fret-less is wrong on most of his other points though. And he's an idiot.
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Whos penis is small? fret-less's

FREE COREYSMONSTER! I'm not changing this until you RE-BAN CoreysMonster forever.
(He was mean to me once, and I'm a petty man)
Ozzy:mah ofee peas
Dude At Register: What?
Ozzy: mah pfee peas
Dude At Register:Im sorry
Ozzy: beep beep beep
Dud At Register: Black Coffee

Best one ever except for that one with Alice Cooper in staples.
Lifes a grave and I dig it!
You guys have no idea how surprised I am that no one put up a picture or Billy Mays or the Shamwow guy yet, or the Snuggie commercial.
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