I just changed tubes but my clean channel sounds dirty and my distortion channel is cutting in and out? whats wrong??
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Yes, make sure they are all seated fully. Second check your pre-amp tubes to see if one is a different brightness or color than the others, and do the same for the power tubes. You probably have an amp that needs to be biased. If any of the tubes are different colors or brightness, cut the amp off NOW!!! If they look the same, but you still have a problem, get it to a tech.
Biasing is for power tubes only not pre-amps. Did you change all of your tubes? Does your tube amp use a different phase splitter (eg. 12AT7) from the pre-amp tubes and you accidentally swapped positions?
Do you still have your original tubes? try swapping out one at a time to isolate possible bad tube.
Moving on.....
I have a Crate Palomino V32. I think its self-biasing...

I did change all of my tubes..

i resecured my tubes...im trying again

EDIT: i tried it again...i still have the same problem.

I'm gonna replace some tubes with my old ones. Should i start swapping the preamp tubes first or the power tubes first?
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okay i swapped all the preamps. my clean sound was still dirty.
so i figured it was my power tubes...

but when i switched my power tubes, i had still a little cracking but definately a clean sound on my clean channel....but i had no distortion on my gain channel! whats wrong?!!?

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so you have all of your old tubes back in now?

why did you swap to begin with (age or tone)?

do you feel it is possible that one of the preamps was not seated all the way down, can happen very easily.

you can try a new preamp one at a time in each V slot but it sounds like you may have a more serious problem and I'm not an amp tech so I'd hate for something to get screwed up more. Take it to a tech.
The only other thing I can think of is this. Power Tubes come with different ratings. When ordering you usually have to choose between a soft, hard, or medium breakup tube. If you went with a low rated tube then you will have very little clean headroom, and your cleans will be dirty. That may be your problem. What kind of power tubes does your amp take? There should also be some numbers at the bottom of the tube like 06 07 or 07 07, or 04 04. what are yours?