What are the pros and cons of having multiple Single Effect Pedals versus one multi effects pedals? Is it tone??? i seem to get more tone out of my Boss Metal Zone vs my Korg 1500ax and am thinking about getting the Boss DD-1/3/5 etc along with a reverb. suggestions would also be great! Im am using a PRS and a marhsall AVT100 THank you very much!
Easy to Carry to Gigs
Generally More Possibilities of Tones, but a Smaller Range of Tones, if that makes sense
All Your Money Has to be Paid up front (the unit should cost in the same neighborhood as your guitar or amp if you want the right quality)

Single Pedals
More Unusual Sounds
Can Be Built Up Slowly
More Customizable
More Difficult to Transport
Pedal Boards are a Hassle
Setting Up Pedals at the start of every gig/practice is an even bigger hassle
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Multi effects: easy
Single pedals: flexible


Good mfx processors are basically on the same level with your usual single fx pedals. Obviously if you get some more boutique pedals, they are usually going to be higher quality. And sometimes have more flexibility. Although, sometimes effects in the mfx units have more flexibility.

One other thing to mention is that mfx processors are way cheaper than buying all those pedals seperately, obviously...but you may not use all of them anyway.
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Depends on the pedal also. The cheap digital ones my friends have aren't as good as my POD (the clapton pedals is pretty lame). But once you get up over $100 or so that's when I start noticing the differences or above that get into analog pedals and those are really nice. You get what you pay for.
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it really depends on what you want/like

I have both the RP500 efx processor and many distortion, chorus, delay, etc. pedals
It is nice to be able to switch things up sometime
I perfer single pedals since i get better tone from the pedals than any Multi effect units.
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IMO, multi fx pedals just sound too digital for me, so I go with analog. Plus, since I'm given to using cheaper effects (Fender Blender excepted) I save some money also.
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in my setup i use both. i have the tube screamer, ds-2, ch-1 chorus, and vox wah as my single pedals. i use the ME-50 for a brighter, sharper distorted tone, delay, flanger, reverb, etc.

basically i like the singles just as much as the multi effects. with the single pedals you keep most of your guitar's natural tone, but each pedal is almost $100.

at the same time, you can't beat getting tons of effects in one big pedal for about $300 bucks.

which is more fun? obviously the multi effects. which sounds better? the singles.
what you can do these days, is mix the two.

the boss gt10 has an effects loop. You can plug your fave distortion pedal in there and have it in any of the patches.

the way I do it is I have my pedal board with metal muff, boss ds2, line6 chrunchtone andf line 6 dl4 all plugged into 2 synced glab gsc's http://www.thomann.de/be/g_lab_gsc.htm (has effects loops for pedals, plus will send midi signals and amp control changes) - that goes into the front end of my amp and my boss gt10 goes in the effects loop of the amp with the glab gsc controling it via midi.

It gives me the best of all worlds. I have the option of my stomp boxes, amp channels, boss gt10 (which i use for extra delays, modulations and pitch shifters/harmonizers/filters/nois gates etc) and all of it is programmable into patches on my glab gsc pedalboard..... no tap dancing.

and before you ask, my boss gt10 doesnt colour the tone that much using it this way - im still using either amp distortion or proper stomp box ditortion all the way :-)
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The only rule I found on effects is - use what works best for your ears.

However - you DO get what you pay for, in reality.... but if it sounds good and feels good, who knows... I have had a little bit of everything, and I prefer individual effects, as the processed stuff sounds too... well, processed.
Depends if you prefer:

digital vs. analog
numerous effects you'll never use vs. a couple of high-quality effects you use often

To address what was said above above - a pedal board is no more complicated to set up (on stage) than a mult-fx unit - both require 1. power 2. input cable 3. output cable.

Personally, I wouldn't get a multi-fx unit unless I could afford a really good rack unit.

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If you're going to go the MFX route, Get either the Boss GT 10 and use the four cable method to install it on a nice clean power amp, or a Roland JC-120, OR Get an Axe FX. The Axe Fx is expensive but it is a one stop shop for tone(s). Other than those two, all other MFX except maybe the Rocktron Prophecy II are junk. I speak the truth.
I disagree...but if you're wanting a clean power amp/JC-120 an Atomic amp is probably a better way to go for most people.
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