I was gonna get a Dean VX, a left-handed model, because I play southpaw. Now I see that I'm not very interested in the stock pickups, are there any differences between installing new EMG pickups on a lefty in place of a normal righty guitar? I'm asking because someone told me they should be installed upside-down, and I don't know what to believe, lol.
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I'm thinking upside down because when Hendrix reversed the strings on his guitar the tone changed. I'm no guitar tech so I'd wait for a 2nd opinion.
some pickups have staggered polepieces, so by flipping it around you would in essence realign the polepiece to the string that it was intended to be under.

not all pickups have these staggered polepieces though, my favorite kinds of humbuckers are rails, and i dont think there is a wrong way to install them!

but if you have the time just try it both ways, and decide how you like it better, its all personal opinion really on what creates the best "tone"
From what I understand, as a fellow lefty, there is no wrong way to install a pickup. I've called EMG about it and they said any way is fine. But, once you find out what pickups you want, shoot up the technical dept for that company, trust, they know there stuff. It's usually only one person in that DEPT anyways.

Nice to see other lefties out there, good luck!
I think some pick ups are designed to go one way. Some folks turn them around on purpose to get a different sound. Like Dimebag Darrell did with his Bill Lawrence.
It only makes a difference if you're using pickups with staggered pole pieces, and in most cases (I know for sure that dimarzio does) you can order them left handed straight from the company.

But any other pickups should be fine.
Well Jimi's pickups were obviously the "wrong way" around as he flipped his guitars. Strats have staggered coils, and the difference in sound is part of his unique tone.
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Theres no real difference in pickups lefty or righty. With hendrix the bridge pickup was angled differently. The poles are evenly spaced so wont matter if its upside down. LPs are in upside down as the covered pickups only have the one row of poles so they put em in upside so they look the same as a righty guitar. If a company is selling "lefty" pickups its just a sales gimmick and probably charge more for em.