Hey guys. I recently built a Offset Flying V, based on a Jackson RR, except without the curves on the bottom horns. My idiot self erased the pics of the build off my computer, but luckily I put videos of the build on youtube. So I'll post some pictures of the finished piece here, and you can click on my youtube link to see the video's of the build. Alder Body, Maple Neck/Rosewood Fretboard/Binding, 25.5 scale, Jackson Style Headstock, SJK Humbucker, 1 vol., 1 tone, 3 way mini toggle for coil tap. I used a Red Mahogany stain on the body, and a poly clear coat on the body and neck.

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Plays great dude. I had a nice fret level and polish done before I assembled. Good action and intonation. There is a vid of me testing it before paint on my youtube page.
imo the shape looks better with the curves, still. Great work!
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this is hella classy

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What kind of tuners do you have on it?

Epiphone Les Paul Standard
Coming soon: Egnater Tweaker

I used Wilkinson Roto-matic Tuners. They are made just like Grovers. Matter of fact my Schecter has a real set of Grovers, and I find these to be just as good or better.
Dude, nice work. That combined with the custom head for the V-18....awesome.

Woulda looked better with gold/chrome hardware IMO. I'm not much of a black hardware fan. But to each his own, you know?
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