I have recently purchased a used ibanez s470fm and its a great guitar, three pickups one single coil in the middle. The pickups are

Neck - AH1
Single coil - AS1
Bridge - AH2

I really don't know anything about pickups but this guitar sounds like heaven in clean with the single or neck pickup, but not great on the bridge pickup. Also the bridge pickup sounds the best distorted and pickups all the notes i play very well and clear however it doesnt sound great through distortion nor does it sustain long (dunno if thats the whole guitar or maybe the pickup).

I listen to and write stuff that sounds like

dream theater
between the buried and me
lamb of god
children of bodom

If you know pickups and could help recommend a good pickup for me then please let me know

thanks in advance
hmmm, active maybe? seeing as you play some pretty heavy stuff. Or maybe a Seymour Duncan JB?
No problem. and good luck. BTW, if it's F-spaced you might try looking at the SD Screamin' Demon too. I've got one in my guitar and it's pretty awesome. Cleans up really well when you back off on the volume but can dirty up really good too.
i need somethin that sounds great distorted and will pick up actual chords not just power chords, and also i want it to sound good clean
well, like I said, it's pretty decent for me. it might be my guitar itself but when I play it's just a little lacking in the treble side of full barre chords. and it depends on how much distortion I have. the part after the solo in Stairway to Heaven sounds pretty awesome on it. Death Metal Barre chords are a bit lacking with my setup though so ya.