Im thinking of buyinf a wireless guitar system,,what are peoples opinions of them,,are they anygood?? or would it be a waste of few $$$
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only buy a wireless if you are planning on a big gig sometime soon...i mean big.

just doesnt cut the mustard anywhere else, cables are fine for everything
I've used a bunch of different systems, especially the cheap ones (unfortunately), and they're just not worth the money you save. Line-6 has the best wireless I've used, and they've got 3 different versions of it: one for a pedalboard, one slightly bigger, and one rackmount. The only difference between the 3 is the range.

Now for whether you actually NEED one, that depends on how much you play, where you play, etc. I play decent sized shows and I was perfectly content to use cables, but people kept stepping on my stuff, kicking it around, and all that jazz, so I decided to get a wireless system. I started with one of those stupid little wireless bug thingeys and it was pretty terrible, and eventually I got to the XDS-Plus and loved it. Unfortunately it got stolen so I'm back to using cables
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if you want one get one...i dont need to drive a fancy car since a honda would do the job just fine, but i wanted a fancy one so i got one ...as far as systems every person i know uses the sennheiser evolution series, i own one (forgot what model) and it performs extremely well
I have the x2 wireless system and I feel it does a good job.
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you gotta spend dough to get one that sounds good. i bought an audio technica for about 300 bucks and really cant stand it. i really only use it on the bigger gigs, but i hate using a cable casue i get all tangled, i wish i had like a grand i didnt know what to do with so i could have a nice ass one
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