I recently moved back in with my parents. So now I can't be as loud as I want whenever i want. I just bought a really nice pair of headphones to solve the problem, however, another problem arose. I have a peavy jsx half stack, with a line 6 podxt live, and a boss loopstation in my effects loop. When I plug my headphones into my head i only hear sound out of the left side. It seems like there is nowhere else to plug them into, do i need to buy an adapter or something? Or do I need to plug them in elsewhere? Or am i just an idiot? If anybody can help me with this problem it would be amazingly awesome and i would be very grateful.
plug them into the pod...you dont need the amp
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Headphones...with a tube amp?

Get a weber attenuator.

Or just use the pod.

...is it even possible to plug headphones directly into a tube amp? (without frying anything)
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You have a mono adapter for your headphones, at the tip of your adapter u probably only have one black stripe. You need a stereo adapter it will have 2 black stripes at the tip, this will give you sound in both ears.
Quote by handlerb
plug them into the pod...you dont need the amp


this solves your problem and saves your amp
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The amp doesn't output in stereo, so you'll need to get an adapter plug if you absolutely must use the amp and must have sound in both ears. They're available all over the place. However, I agree with the post above that says to just use the pod. No need to fire up the amp for practice.

edit: Looks like someone else answered first. I do wonder where you're plugging it in on that amp, though, as I didn't think they had headphone outs. Plugging into another out could overload the phones and under-load the amp, so I wouldn't recommend it unless the amp has a headphone-specific output jack.
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When I plug my headphones into my head i only hear sound out of the left side. Or am i just an idiot?

It's probably outputting the sound in mono, hence why only one side of the headphones is putting out sound.

And, yes, you are an idiot....for running a half-stack head for a headphone out. I don't care what you say....the tone of that head is not getting reproduced with any reliability through a speaker barely the size of your ear, much less the fact it's along the lines of using an atom bomb to kill an ant. Get a tiny practice amp, or just go unplugged.

EDIT: Oh, I didn't even occur tome that that amp didn't have a headphone out....it's late. At any rate, if you're running a speaker out as your headphone out.....yeah, that's a really stupid idea, for what others say below. You're definitely an idiot.
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I will assume that since you have a JSX which doesn't have a headphone jack on the front that you plugged them into one of the speaker outs on the back. Don't do that I'm not sure of the amount of devastation that you would get out of that but the ohms rating on a pair of headphones is much higher than a speaker cab. The the wattage on them is definitely no where near 100 watts either, my god 100 watts through a pair of headphones, if your head doesn't explode the headphones are surely going to fry.

If you have to play through headphones you will either have to play through just the podxt or get a small practice amp.
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holy ****, good thing you guys told me that...i am surely a dolt. Ok so i plug them into my pod, but now when i play a loop on my looper, it plays through the amp and not the phones...whats up with that?
*smacks self in face*

if the looper is still plugged into your amp and you're just plugged into the pod, you're not going to hear anything out of the looper.
so I'm not supposed to have anything plugged into my amp if i'm using my headphones?

Sorry I seem like such an idiot, this is very new to me....

All i want is to be able to play with my looper and guitar through my headphones, how exactly do i pull that off without blowing something up?
Since the podxt doesn't have an effects loop you will have to either put the looper between the guitar and the pod or get a small practice amp to play through, and no if you are going to use headphones leave the amp out completely. Unfortunately I don't have a looper so I don't know what that would sound like ahead of all of the effects, you will have to try it and decide which route to go.
Lucky you didnt fry the amp at this point. Just have to unplug everything if you want to use the headphones. And headphone jacks on a half stack kind of defeats the point of a halfstack. Seems kind of comical to sit 3 feet from a half stack amp so you can use headphones. Like the monty python when they used subguns, grenades and a bazooka to kill a mosquito to harvest its wings.
Yea it would have been an expensive lesson about using headphones on a tube amp. One of the attenuators out there has a headphone jack on it but just alot cheaper to use your pod.