i'm going to put a floyd rose onto my ibanez rgr320dx (edge III).

what's the difference between original floyd rose's
A) floyd rose pro
B) floyd rose?

asides from price.

i need to know what comparison you can make out of these 2.
The difference depends on whether you want to sound like Steve Vai, or the kid playing Master of Puppets at guitar center!

Just kidding, I have no idea.
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Hate to tell you this, but you will have to route the cavity to fit any other tremelo. Standard Floyds are not compatible in the Edge route. Google it and you will see what I mean.
PRO, compared to Original

*low profile version of the Floyd Rose Original
*narrower string spacing
*looks like the plate the fine tuners are on is bigger
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I've only used liscensed floyds, but I've heard the Pros don't keep tuning as good as originals.
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Quote by Jesstaa
I've only used liscensed floyds, but I've heard the Pros don't keep tuning as good as originals.

but they are of the same brand. except pro's much more expensive. it costs more than my guitar.
the pro is low profile. it doesn't sit up as high out of the guitar. also the string spacing is closer. I think the pro's spacing is 4.0 and the original is 4.2. but neither's going to fit in your guitar without some routing.
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does it mean that floyd rose pro can give you a lower action as opposed to floyd rose?
and does the benefits of pro justify it's high price?
the pro will go lower, but to get the same height with an OFR you can just jam the pivot studs in more (don't jam it in, drill the hole a bit deeper and hit it in with a hammer and a piece of wood)

Pro's obviously have the different look and smaller string spacing. You can find more info on the FR website

heres a bit about the FRP:
The Floyd Rose Pro Tremolo System is a low profile version of the Floyd Rose Original and has narrower string spacing. The Original Floyd Rose Tremolo string spacing is .420 inches and the Floyd Rose Pro strings spacing is .400 inches. No copy can duplicate the patented double-locking design of the Floyd Rose Tremolo System that allows you to lock your guitar in tune at the nut and at the bridge. The Floyd Rose
Tremolo System is engineered like no other tremolo system.
Its high quality steel parts are manufactured to exacting
specifications. And it’s available in a variety of nut
sizes that will fit practically any electric guitar.
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well can floyd rose fit into my guitar and function just as well as floyd rose pro?
i inquired fr's online tech support and the person recommended floyd rose pro.
the reason he recomended the pro is cause he wants more money. They do the exact same thing except have a slightly different look and the pro has a smaller string spacing...
and what's the advantage of having smaller string spacing?
he also said something, like having a low profile and the tuners further away prevents you from putting the guitar out of tune by resting your hand on the bridge.
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Dude just get the normal Floyd Rose , the only major difference is in the size.
Overall the pro is a bit smaller , and lower , thus being able to dive-bomb like 0,5cm lower , tough that's not enough to merit the price.
string spacing is just a personal thing. Some guitarists like their strings spread right out and some like them nice and close together.

The thing about resting your hand on the bridge, it will go out of tune because a FR is floating and will go back/ pull up or go down a bit when you rest your hand on it. The depth it moves depends on how hard you push it down and where you push it down