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Keeley mod my MT-2
0 0%
Ibanez TS9
0 0%
Keeley modded TS9
3 100%
Voters: 3.
want to get a punk sound (rise against, alkaline trio). i have an fender american deluxe strat and fender amp
Well, I've owned the MT-2, and as you can see I have similar gear. I could barely get a usable tone out of the Boss. Barely. It doesn't mix well with Fender amps or single coils. So I say no to that, despite Mr Keeley's magic touch.

Ibanez TS-9 is just okay. Keeley modded is noticeably improved. However, if you want the tone of the bands you listed, you may want to save $ to swap your amp before adding effects. Trying to get an alternative/metal tone out of a fender tube is like trying to make Rosie O'Donnell into a beauty queen: it doesn't matter how pretty the dress is or how much make up she wears. You can't fight the nature of things. haha
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^ While I love that analogy (any Rosie O'Donnell joke is epic) I don't agree that it's not possible to get a punk/alternative sound out of a Fender amp. Metal, sure it can't really be done, but alternative rock distortion is all about pedals rather than amps (many alt rockers used very clean amps and ran pedals in front of them) and as for punk, I know it's a cliche, but stick any distortion pedal in front of any amp and you can get a punk sound.

Having said that, the three pedals you have there probably aren't what you're really looking for. Look at a Big Muff (either Russian or American would be good enough), a Pro Co Rat or even a Keeley modded DS-1. I haven't tried this (I have played the other two)
but I have faith in Keeley's ability to make a beauty queen out of the proverbial Rosie O'Donnell that is a stock DS-1.
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