Well today I was in my local music shop buying guitar strings, but I went and had a look at some guitars. I found this Legacy Immortal there...


I fell in love with the shape and look of it, but I don't know how good these guitars are. Has anybody here played them or seen them before, and if so, what is your opinion? If I do end up buying it, it will be my first electric. If this isn't so good for a first electric, could you recommend a good brand for a starter?


Don't buy that. For cheaper you can buy an Epiphone SG, which is licensed by Gibson. The link you have for the guitar says it has a basswood body, and an SG should have a Mahogany body. You can get the Epiphone for cheaper as well. The guitar you are looking at is a ripoff. Here's a link to the Epiphone.

I'm not sure about that brand. However, its really hard to go wrong with a Made in Mexico stratocaster for a first guitar. If you are into heavier stuff (metal, punk, etc) look into Epiphone SG's and Les Paul's.

Brands to avoid (largely due to quality issues in entry level gear) Jackson, Schecter, Dean.
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It's not bad for a starter dude. Obviously your not going for a super-slick guitar first up, so it's probably an okay choice.
All the Legacy reviews on Harmony Central seemed pretty positive, but they didn't have your model. I wouldn't drop $500 on a starter guitar, though -- that's a ****load of cash where I come from (college) and you can get excellent used guitars for a lot less. Look at less-known brands, i.e. Schecter, and you can get huge value for around $3-4. Plus there are always the Fender MIMs, Squier Classic Vibe are decent instruments, and some Epiphones can be nice/fun; I'm generally impressed with their $3-600 range.
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Ah, I should have mentioned, I have been playing the acoustic guitar for about one year and have progressed really quickly. I currently own a Takamine, it isn't too bad.
I actually played a used Legacy SG at Daddys a few months ago and was very surprised at the sound feel and quality but they were asking $200.00 used and IMHO too expensive for an off brand, you can get an Epi SG for about the same price that will be much better. Look into used Epi SGs you can pick up the high end Epi SGs for under 4 bills easy.

OH! I almost forgot while I was at Daddys I compared the Epi SG to the Legacy they pretty much were twins even the script on the head stock was exactly the same as on the Epi. It almost looked like the two came form the same factory.

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Although it seems like it'd be a pretty good starter guitar, it also seems like a bit of a rip off. I wouldn't pay more than $400 for it.
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