So I play bass. I've been playing for about 6 months, and I consider myself decent...still a beginner in many ways, but i'm decent.

I'm planning on getting a pedal to broaden my abilities. So should it be a wah, or a delay? I have a digitech envelope filter pedal with 7 effects, including a couple autowahs, but I really want a real wah. And I really want to experiment with a delay on a bass.

I'm looking at the Dunlop bass crybaby. And as for the delay, I'll probably just get a Boss DD-3 or DD-6. I'll eventually get both, but there's gonna be a pretty large time span where I'll only have one, and I donno what to get first.
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I would suggest delay. If you already have an autowah, use that for a while until you can get the crybaby, but for now go with the delay.
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in my oppion line 6 pod's are great, and thy now have a bass version, so yeah, chorus, delay, flanger, and more combinations than u can shake a drumstick at.
check out the Digitech hardwire pedal i think its the DL-8, there supposed to be a better offer than boss for the same money.

And plus its made in the USA, with **** goin on how it is its nice to buy a US made product for cheap just cause.

Those digitech filters are alot of fun.

There really sensitive to you pick attack work on it and try to devolop some dynamics.
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