Alright, so I have a few things I intend to get, and I need help deciding what order to get them in. heir as follows;

A phaser for my guitar(either a Phase 90 or an Ibanez PH-7, $60 and $80 respectively)

A bass and bass amp(about $100 each as their starter gear)

A First Act(Yeah, I know, but for $50 it seems a good deal to start on) electric drum kit($50)

And a couple games about $40 each(Yes, I'm a gamer and a guitarist, and no, none are Guitar Hero)

I tried the drums and apparently I'm gifted with them, because I was sable to hold down a steady 4x4 beat to the point a couple people thought I was a drummer, plus I'd really like a non-stringed instrument, and bass I figure will make it a lot easier to find a band with, and I tried it, albeit it's a different feel, it definitely felt similar enough to the guitar that I feel confident within a couple months I could play some decent basslines.

The phaser is there because I really want one of those things, especially after hearing EVH using a Phase 90 for that subtle touch, and the games are just there because I'd prefer not to be purely a guitarist.

So, what order would you guys recommend?

Also, question on the electric drums, would my tube amp and/or my old solid-state practice combo work with it since it's electric and therefore probably needs an amp?

Edit; Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but I couldn't think of where it'd fit and I figured since I post here a lot I'd at least know the forum.

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Drums first. It'll make it hell of easy to find a band, which you said you were interested in, although you won't have a rig if you just buy the cheap electric set. Also it's about the funnest fun a boy can have.
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