Rush is one of the most progressive bands ever. Extremely talented. I know this is 80's, shred and progressive. Rush is classic and progressive at the same time. I feel that just labeling Rush into Classic Rock is an injustice to one of the greatest bands of all time.

Who cares? Just because a thread about a band is in a forum that you don't think it belongs in, doesn't mean that suddenly everyone around the world is going to start calling Rush classic rock.

Whenever that thread was created, the threadstarter chose which forum to put it in. The thread was probably made while the band was on hiatus as well, which meant that at the time, Rush "no longer existed", but they had been around since the 60s/70s so they were labelled "Classic Rock".

I find Classic Rock fitting for Rush, looking at how long they've been around as well. Around 40 years. If that isn't classic to you, I don't know what is. And they fit well into Classic Rock because there is no "Classic Prog" forum (which there [hopefully] will never be, because once you get Classic X you must have Classic Y, which opens up a myriad of possible forums, and the mods are dead-set on not adding any more forums to the community)

It doesn't really inconvenience you that the Rush thread is located in Classic Rock, and if it honestly does, you probably have a bigger problem than having to click someone other than where you want to.

Plus, anyone who knows Rush and wants to discuss Rush will probably (read: highly likely) already know of the band's progressive elements.

I agree with the "one of the greatest bands of all time" claim, though. And on a final note, if the Rush thread in Classic Rock is ever closed, you can always ask a mod to make the next one in here.
When they first started, their tunes were very Zeppelin-ish like working man.

After peart joined, that's when they started getting more prgressive.